Zodiac animals

Aquarius: 20/01/18/02.

Humanitarian, independent, and surprising Aquarius. Artistic, autonomous folks have it. All types are smart. Owls—shy but outgoing—fit this air sign.

Pisces 19/02–20/03

Gentle Pisces. Shy and unsure. They're washable. That's deep. Dolphins—beautiful, weak mammals—are this water sign's only animals. AnimalWised dolphin data.

Aries 21/03/20/04

Aries is bold. Impatient, informed, and free. This fire sign shows a unique and wild cat. Discover other autonomous big cats.

Taurus: 21/04–20/05/

Tauruses are trustworthy. It symbolizes integrity, honesty, and resolve. Confidence can cause rigidity. Horses are loyal, strong, and sometimes stubborn.

Gemini 21/05/20/06

Gemini is the most flexible sign. with adaptability. They are clever, logical, spontaneous, curious, and anxious. Chameleons represent Gemini. Air signs are unique and enigmatic.

Cancer 21/06–20/07

Cancer is special and vigilant. It is thoughtful but restless. This sign defends family. Otters are calm and watchful.

Leo 21/07–21/08

Leo is a vibrant sign. It is a strong, enthusiastic sign with set views and anxiety. Lions, natural leaders, symbolize this fire sign. Only Leo matches its star sign.

Virgo 22/08–22/09

Virgo is modest and wary. Realistic, busy, and orderly. They're deceptively easy. Earth sign elephants are smart and gentle. Virgos may make wise choices like elephants.

Libra 23/09/22/10

Libra is pleasant and natural. It's romantic and malleable. The fox—intelligent, beautiful, and attached—is the ideal air sign. Loners and mischievous, they can join bands.

Scorpio 23/10–22/11

Scorpios are determined. Jealous, rigid, and busy. This water sign is like a penguin—faithful, loyal, and protective. This tarot animal sign may be related to the scorpion.

Sagittarius: 23/11–20/12

Sagittarius is flexible and polite. They're free-spirited and upbeat, but sometimes antsy. This fire sign represents an anxious, gorgeous, uncatchable hummingbird.

Capricorn 21/12–19/01

Prudent and eager, Capricorn. Due to their dedication and reliability, they rarely try new things. They can be strict. This earth sign is a smart, wary crow.

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