Zodiac Angels


Ariel, Aries' archangel. Archangel Nature's angel Ariel. Her medium is nature. Ariel aids in self-discovery. She provides food and water.


"The light of God" is Aquarius archangel Uriel. Uriel protects Aquarians. Uriel enlightens humanity. She guides people with heavenly light.


Archangel Pisces Sandalphon. God loves Sandalphon. Sandalphon inspires creativity and answers your inquiries with God.


Taurus Chamuel. Chamuel protects, soothes, loves, peace, and kindly. He'll help if you're worried. Chamuel soothes anxiety, repairs relationships, and resolves disagreements.


When you and your hook-up have opposing long-term objectives for the relationship, it may be quite difficult.


Cancer archangel Gabriel. He interacts with religious leaders. Gabriel can help you restart. He can guide you to enlightenment.


Leo's Raziel. Raziel knows all secrets. He can answer life questions and enlightenment. He cleanses and improves psychic powers.


Virgo Metatron. God records Metatron. He helps you get higher-vibrational animals and pure light. Metatron strengthens your faith in God.


Libran archangel Jophiel. Kindness characterizes Jophiel. She will brighten any setting. She will help you appreciate life and think positively.


Scorpio's archangel Jeremiel. Dreams may include dream angel Jeremiel. A psychic. If you're stuck, he can provide polite counsel.


Sagittarian archangel Raguel. The "chief" archangel is Raguel. He organizes chaos. He helps resolve family, friend, and work conflicts.

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