AMERICAN Foodstuff

Hot dogs

They're carnival and ballpark food. It's also a popular street seller meal they're so popular is that they're easy to create at home. And youngsters adore them.


Americans love hamburgers. The most popular fast food in America, kids eat one every day, thus it should be number one.

Chip Cookies

A balanced diet is two cookies. In the 1930s, Ruth Wakefield of Massachusetts added chocolate to her butter cookies. 


The cronut is the world's most popular food! Proofed laminated dough is cooked in grape seed oil at a specified temperature. Sugared, filled, and glazed fried pastry. 


Pancakes are thin, circular cakes made from starch-based butter and baked on a heated surface. They can be topped with maple syrup, fruits, bacon, eggs, and chocolate sauces.

Cheesy Mac

Mac and cheese is irresistible and a fantastic match. Thomas Jefferson popularized it in America. 


The buttery biscuit foundation with cream cheese and plenty of toppings will leave you wanting more. Add fruits, whipped cream, almonds, or chocolate syrup.

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