Your zodiac sign's predicted favorite food

​Aquarius – British Cuisine

In terms of their preferred cuisine, Aquarians adore anything that is cooked from scratch. They enjoy learning about British culture and trying out novel and interesting things, such as freshly prepared meals.

Aries – Indian Cuisine

You are innately drawn to dishes that are spiced up. You consequently prefer to disregard chilly foods and always crave cooked dishes.

​Cancer – Turkish Cuisine

Being a water sign, Cancer is compelled to explore the deeper meanings of everything, including food. 

Capricorn – Mexican Cuisine

There is no question that the Capricorn enjoys a life that is hot and spicy. It follows that it is not surprising that they have a warm affinity for Mexico.

Gemini – American Salads

The environment around Geminis is naturally attractive to them. They will therefore always be drawn to salads because they include only organic foods.

Leo – Italian Cuisine

Leo always appreciates the finer things in life, and they adore hearty home-cooked meals the most when it comes to eating.

​Libra – Japanese Cuisine

Life's joys are well-known to be appealing to Libras. They adore eating, especially Japanese food, since it makes them feel vibrant.

​Pisces – Caribbean Cuisine

Pisces loves anything related to the sea because it is a water sign. They live a traditional lifestyle and like making all of their own food from scratch.

Sagittarius – Spanish Cuisine

Sagittarians like a colorful lifestyle and are always willing to try something new. Sagittarius has always been fascinated by presentation.

Scorpio – French Cuisine

Scorpios have a lot of energy and a strong drive to stay motivated throughout the day, so it's no surprise that they identify strongly with French culture and find great meaning in it.

​Taurus – Greek Cuisine

Eating delicious things that grow and live around you helps you bond with the natural world because you have a strong connection to it. 

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