Your Zodiac Sign's Perfume

Aries: Cinnamon

According to romance astrologer Anna Kovach, "this is the perfect fragrance for those born under the bold, aggressive, and adventurous sign of the ram." 

Taurus: Heliotrope

Some people find the aroma of heliotrope more evocative of a dessert than a flower because of its combination of sweet almond and vanilla with a hint of earthiness

Gemini: Lily of the Valley

This scent, says Loftis, "reflects some of the greatest and brightest elements of the Gemini personality" because of its upbeat and young vibe. 

Cancer: Palo Santo

After putting out so much emotional and social energy during the day, Cancers are sure to appreciate the soothing effects of this scent when they wind down for the evening.



Leo: Citrus

According to Kovach, the flamboyant and theatrical Leo is drawn to the scent of citrus fruits like oranges, mandarins, and even grapefruits

Virgo: Pine

They'll like the resemblance to nature and the forest-like atmosphere. Because of its link with disinfection chemicals, this aroma will also evoke thoughts of a clean and tidy environment.

Libra: Rose

When individuals wear this fragrance, they are likely to experience an increase in self-assurance and strength.

Scorpio: Jasmine

Scorpios are drawn to the exotic aroma of jasmine because of the sign's association with power, money, mystery, and metamorphosis.



Sagittarius: Eucalyptus

For Kovach, Sagittarius represents all things philosophical, mystical, and curative. 

Capricorn: Vanilla

Individuals born under this sign tend to be straightforward, trustworthy, and hardworking. For that reason, vanilla scents seem to entice them.

Aquarius: Clove

The aroma of this pungent and strong spice is ideal for people born under the rebellious and unexpected sign of Aquarius.

Pisces: Patchouli

Ash says that when it's time to drift off into a dream world, a whiff of patchouli may be wonderfully pleasant.

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