Your zodiac sign's Marvel hero?

Superheroes populate comics, movies, and clothing. Writing and creation give them unique identities that resonate with most people.


Aries initiate events. This sign, like Peter Quill, is impulsive and creative.


Stubbornness is one of the key traits of the Taurus. People with this sign seek security, even though they prefer not to show it.


Hulk and Banner share a body. Like superheroes, Geminis are complex and smart.


Captain America is a bastion, but he has a strange frailty. Like a Cancer, he can put others first.


Tony Stark is the most self-assured Avenger. He's vain and can't take rejection. He resembles Leos.


Cyclops is well-organized and direct. He may be square, but he always helps the team and pals.


Avengers depend on Natasha Romanoff. Libras are fair, good negotiators, and weigh pros and cons before making decisions.


Magneto, the main X-Men villain, is a Scorpio and resents his past. He can be cruel. Scorpios are sensitive and conceal their intentions.


This character helps others but isn't good at planning. Many Sagittarians experience that.


Thunder is calm, clever, and focused like a Capricorn. Provoked, he can explode.


The Scarlet Witch, like all Aquarians, refuses power. She values honesty and justice.


Captain Marvel is Marvel's strongest character. Like Pisces, she is spiritual, slightly detached from reality, and eager to defend those in need.

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