Your zodiac sign's love angel number.

Numerology interprets numbers. Believers say these patterns are heavenly notes, and how you feel and think when you see them will guide you. Zodiac love angel numbers!

ARIES: 111

Because Aries usually wants to be first, this number represents love abundance. This number symbolizes independence and leadership.

TAURUS : 222

Balance and partnerships govern your second house. Thus, 222 indicates a long-term love. Your partnership needs balance. Venus controls Taurus. 222 equals 6.


Since 33, you adore happy things, especially in love. The Lovers is Geminis' love card. 3. Talkative and playful. Loving pair.

CANCER : 44 & 69

Number 4 symbolizes zodiac care. 44 promises affection. The Cancerian crab's claws and a woman's breasts represent 69's sexual vigor. 69 means more!

LEO : 555

This number represents cardiac issues. It's lucky for Leo's love life and energetic. It's an innovative, new song about heart space.

VIRGO : 666

Venus—the planet of love—is Virgo. 666 reminds you that hard work will grow your relationship. Many fear this number, which represents love's hard work.

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