Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Blossom

You provide a breath of new air everywhere you go, Aries, as the sign that initiates the astrological New Year. 

Aries: Tulips

Taurus, with its sensual and earthy essence, is the sign most compatible with creativity, originality, and the finer things in life. 

Taurus: Foxglove Flowers

Geminis are the masters of disguise thanks to their wit, charm, and sense of humour.

Gemini: Lavender

As the Zodiac's resident hippy, you like the finer things in life and have an excellent eye for design. 

Cancer: White Roses



Sunflowers, like you, Leo, are a great head turner thanks to their royal confidence and audacity.

Leo: Sunflowers

Your friends and acquaintances know you to be the most thoughtful person they know, despite your outward demeanour of serenity and vivacity

Virgo: Daisies

You're a Libra who likes to make a bold statement. Like the scales of justice and fairness, which represent your sign, you want to have your cake and eat it, too. 

Libra: Bluebells

Scorpios are intense and amorous people who are usually attracted to enigmatic and dark characters.

Scorpio: Hibiscus



Sagittarians are the kind of individuals that dive headfirst into life; they're colourful, energetic, and a little bit unexpected.

Sagittarius: Carnations

You, Capricorn, are a hard worker and dedicated individual who takes pride in displaying your achievements.

Capricorn: Pansies

The way you carry yourself, Aquarius, is both daring and fascinating in its originality.

Aquarius: Bird Of Paradise

Pisces are loyal friends and sensuous, passionate lovers because of their sensitivity and compassion. 

Pisces: Water Lilies

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