Your zodiac sign's ice cream flavor?

US citizens enjoy ice cream. Reagan adored ice cream when he wasn't fighting inflation, financing guerrilla warfare, launching the crack cocaine epidemic, or starting a nuclear arms race.


Aries will fight for any cause. Cookies and cream also has first rights claims. 


Taurus rules the second house of values and belongings, and bulls are notoriously weak for rich things, especially gout-causing meals and financially stable spouses. 

This trifecta of pistachio, cherry, and chocolate, studded with fruits and nuts, is perfect for Geminis, who are indecisive, nutty, and statistically into threesomes.



Cookie Monster ice cream, like Cancer, is blue, comforting, and crumbly. 


Leos compete over mint chocolate chip. Marilyn Ricketts, a British culinary student, entered a 1973 contest to cook Princess Anne's wedding Leo ice cream dessert.

Alfred L. Cralle, who designed the ice cream scoop, was a Virgo. Virgos eat like strawberry ice cream—prudent, puritanical, or punitive.



Libra is the vanilla ice cream cone of the zodiac, the potluck party hummus, and the parking lot Subaru Outback.


Scorpio is triple dark chocolate with fudge swirl and phoenix ashes. This sign and flavor are gloom in a delicious sea of darkness (pets one-eyed cat and smiles cruelly). 

Adam, the first adrenaline seeker and likely Sagittarius, planted pistachios in Eden. The seed-nut traveled through Asia Minor and into the Silk Road's fast lane of barter and trade.



This chocolate, marshmallow, and chopped nut confection, invented during the Great Depression, is a great Capricorn allegory. 


Choco-chip cookie dough Burlington's Ben & Jerry's made ice cream in 1984. Aquarius rules the eleventh house of friends and community,

Pisces typically like cotton candy, rescue animal biographies, prescription medicines, mix tapes, glow-in-the-dark stars, and first love polaroids. Cotton candy wins for flavor.


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