Your Zodiac Sign's Best Hobby

Aries: Zumba

30-second aerobic bursts boost heart rate and fitness in Zumba Super aerobic Dance Party. Interval exercise improves fitness quickly. 

Taurus: Gardening

Reed thinks Taurus is always selfless. Taurus has the nurturing energy to start and finish a garden. Taurus's patience will pay off as their seedlings grow.

Gemini: Language learning

Reed says Geminis are "ready to give advice" and talkative. Due to their curiosity, enthusiasm, and passion of sharing ideas, they enjoy language learning.

Cancer: Photography

Reed says tumors are innovative but want fast results. This water sign may like photography. A picture is the final product. Beautiful photos require composition and editing.

Leo: Collecting

Reed thinks Leos value enjoyment above money. They prioritize passions. Leos love displaying their collections—from quirky mugs to vintage vases—and new purchases.

Virgo: Baking

Shy Virgos work hard. “Anything they do, they do to perfection,” says Reed, thus Virgos love perfecting recipes for pastries and banana bread. This sign will enjoy it.

Libra: Volunteering

Social butterfly Libras polite. Volunteering fits. Air signs may help any purpose. Volunteer Match discovers great local non-profits. Explore these 15 interesting volunteer options.

Scorpio: Hiking

Reed considers Scorpios ambitious. “They like helping but need space.” Hiking is this water sign's passion. Scorpios may reach the top with determination and unusual company.

Sagittarius: Meditation

Sagittarius has "a very serene energy," adds Reed. Sags benefit from introspection. Reed offers yoga. Meditation complements its focus on body-mind balance.

Capricorn: DIY

Crafters are disciplined and independent Capricorns. Green says earth signs desire to "be their own leaders" and make their own clothes, jewelry, and furniture. 

Aquarius: Stargazing

Aquariuses adore astronomy. Deep thinkers like observing stars, planets, and other cosmic occurrences. Astronomy requires a nice, portable telescope for Aquarius.

Pisces: Songwriting

Reed suggests Pisces like solitude. “They’re considerate and communicative.” Write new lyrics to focus your creativity. This keyboard has most songwriting tools.

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