Your Zodiac Power Color

Colors excite and enhance. They improve self-esteem, calm nerves, and reinforce. Find your zodiac sign's best color!


Red energizes and inspires Aries. It matches Aries' busy, life-loving nature. Red demands focus, and Aries hates being ignored. 


Taurus thrives on fresh grass. Green symbolizes growth, and Taurus signifies success. Spring, Taurus' season, brings green back.


Yellow fuels Gemini ingenuity. This color energizes Gemini. Yellow brightens everything. Yellow sharpens Gemini's mind.


Bright white and silver help Cancer connect with its instincts and start fresh. Silver and white symbolize insight and purity, like water or the Moon. They deepen Cancer's love.


Gold boosts Leo's optimism. Gold has symbolized royalty and power. Thus, this hue excites Leo, the Jungle King. Gold boosts Leo's hope and kindness.


Natural dark and green ground Virgo and grow them. Brown accepts the Virgin's order. Green represents growth, supporting Virgo's lifelong self-improvement.


Airy pink and light blue soothe Libra's heart. Libra's soft colors ease and endear her. Light blue symbolizes a gentle wind and balances, while pink represents Libra's sweetness and love.


Black intrigues Scorpio and drives change. Black symbolizes the Scorpion's deep and fuels its need to examine everything.


Purple's faith and alertness inspire Sagittarius' philosophical mind. Purple, a hue of wealth, boosts Sagittarius' luck, positivity, and desire to explore.


Earthy browns lead Capricorn. These neutral colors improve Capricorn's power and traditionalism. Grey emphasizes Capricorn's caution.


Blue calms Aquarius' wild energy and inspires its bright ideas. Aquarius is closely related to the sky and ocean.


Perfectly pale green heals and reconnects Pisces to its psyche.

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