Your Zodiac Fruit or Vegetable

Fruits and vegetables should substitute sweets and pastries. Try your zodiac sign's healthy treat first if you're undecided. Your product may surprise you. 

Aquarius: Blueberry

Aquarians are clever. Progressive problem-solvers. I associate Aquarius with brain-boosting blueberries. Blueberries help Aquarius think. 

Pisces: Lemon 

Pisces are generous. Freely giving. They're lemon-like. Lemons are used in many cuisines but rarely eaten alone. Pisces enriches others like lemon enhances food.

Aries: Kale

Aries thrive when cognitively and physically challenged. Kale gives Aries the health they need. Aries should be happy to be represented by a superfood since they prefer to win and be fast. 

Taurus: Carrot 

Taurus care about their friends. Carrots are like Tauruses—good. Cupcakes and carrots enhance eyesight. Befriend a Taurus and eat carrots for stability and 20/20 vision. 

Gemini: Coconut

Gemini symbolizes duality. Geminis are intricate and intriguing. Coconuts, like Geminis, have fruit and milk. Geminis are like coconuts—versatile and useful. 

Mango: Cancer 

It takes time to understand a Cancer, like cutting a mango. You'll love a Cancer's flavor after you get to know them. Mangoes' vivid interiors reflect Cancer's tenacity and intensity. 

Leo: Strawberry

Leos are vibrant and adore the spotlight. Their charisma and self-assurance make them leaders. Leos stand out in crowds like strawberries in a fruit dish. 

Virgo: Peppers

Virgos are timid but loyal and hardworking. Yellow bell peppers provide more vitamin C than oranges. Virgos don't boast, yet they're talented. 

Libra: Orange

Libras are social, colorful, and hate solitude. Libras share. Oranges are perfect Libra symbols because of their symmetry and sharing. Trekking Libras like it. 

Scorpio: Dragonfruit

Scorpios are very passionate. If deceived, they will retaliate. Scorpios and dragon fruits are intriguing and enigmatic (where do you find them?). 

Sagittarius: Avocado

Sagittarius are happiest traveling. Adventurers and idealists. I think avocado improves most dishes. Sagittarius enrich newcomers' lives as they travel. 

Capricorn: Spinach   

Capricorns are conventional businesspeople. They trust and love their family. Spinach, the base of most salads, reminds me of Capricorns. 

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