Your zodiac sign determines your buddy type.

Aries never lies. Aries is your reality checker. They will tell you if you have lipstick on your teeth,  unsuitable clothing. We swear your Aries friend's compliments are sincere. 

 Taurus may be difficult. Once you accept its stubbornness, your Taurus best friend will be faithful, which is unusual nowadays. No matter the weather, the headstrong 

Gemini buddy since they know everything about everyone. Geminis are great storytellers, whether it's office gossip or personal anecdotes! Their presence will make life more spontaneous and exciting.

Cancer friend forever.  Due to their caregiver mindset, this zodiac sign gives fantastic advice and makes friends feel cherished. You comfort or chastise your friends as required.

Leo will always help you get into the greatest events. Your Leo best friend is a born leader who can lighten the mood and lead in any situation.

Virgo is the squad's "I'll-take-care-of-it" buddy. Virgo's obstinate help can make life easier. We can help with a class presentation, job interview, gift for your partner, or venting.

Libras are kind, making them great friends. They will notice the little things you need and frequently obtain them for you without you even asking. 

Scorpio is devoted. This zodiac sign will never reveal your darkest secrets. This zodiac sign will treat you like family and have your back no matter what.

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