Your Virgo                         Offspring

Virgo kids are cautious and selective. This is because they prefer to observe rather than participate. Virgo kids naturally help.

Virgos are born between August 23rd and September 22nd. Virgos lead. Beautiful love bugs will keep you on your toes.

Virgo is "The Helper"

Virgo aids. She'll serve you dinner and clean up. She's helpful. Her helpfulness will make her the teacher's pet.

virgos are "the rulers"

Virgos lead. To minimize confrontation and wounded feelings, teach your Virgo to be sensitive early on. 

Intelligent Virgos

Virgos are quick readers and talkers. Your young Virgo may be ready for early school enrolment depending on the birthdate cutoff.

They're Smart

Virgos can locate loopholes, therefore he'll charm and deceive you. Avoid conflicts by posting Virgo rules. You'll have a copy if he escapes.

They Desire Cleanliness

Virgins reign. Every meal, she'll wipe her tray. Later, she'll happily load the dishwasher and clean the table. Her finicky toys will be sorted. 

Responsible Virgos

Virgo manages money better than anyone else. Start a savings account and he'll enjoy bank passbook updates. He'll watch after his siblings and friends. 

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