What school path matches your tarot sign?

Career preferences and aptitude vary by zodiac sign. Let's see which topics fit each zodiac sign.

Astrology may aid life-changing decisions. Education influences career choices. We must carefully choose our academic courses to succeed in a job we love.


They like applied studies. Science may lead to administration or engineering. Humanities majors study inspiring personalities, simplifying history and anthropology.


They assess. They're business and math-savvy. They like visual arts. Earth sciences and geography help humanities students grasp the universe's inventiveness. 


Since they love learning, they study many topics. They can grasp electronics or computer programming to learn new communication tools. 


They're compassionate and enjoy learning about helping others. If they prefer science, they can study medical. Social work, sociology, and education, non-technical disciplines, suit them.


Fire signs want to show off their skills. They study engineering and science. However, they excel in the arts and love the humanities.


They like math and data since they're rational and analytical. accountancy, mathematics, statistics, physics, and data analytics. Some do well in biological sciences.


This sign is artistic and social, so they study social skills. They like music, art, and literature. 


They're naturally curious. They are engaged in medicine and would make great medics or researchers. 


Due to their curiosity, they like many things. They excel in psychology, sociology, media studies, law, and social work.


Modern application-oriented study attracts them. They like logic, grammar, and languages. They also like logic and math.


Naturally creative. They like history, languages, philosophy, religion, antiquities, cultural, and ethnic studies. They enjoy performing, visual arts, libraries, and art museums. 


Psychology, sociology, logic, and faith attract this knowledgeable sign. They work in news, media studies, and the visual arts because they are great speakers. 

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