Your  Sign's Zodiac Flower?


Libras, like the rose, are calm and gregarious and can fit into any social setting. Roses spread like weeds everywhere, reflecting Libra's warmth.


Five-petal zodiac flowers bloom in clusters like Scorpios. Scorpios' friends know they're sensitive. Geraniums are colorful like Scorpios. 


Carnations, the longest-lasting flowers in a bouquet, symbolize love. Sagittariuses, like carnations, are fiery and daring.


want a pansy in bloom, Capricorns want to show off their work. Cool-weather pansies are popular. Unlike other plants, the hardy plant can tolerate frigid temperatures. 

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Orchids are ideal gifts for Aquarius. Aquarius' eccentricity matches the plant's unusual morphology. This sign doesn't want attention, but they don't mind being different.


Pisces like unique affection. Water signs are dreamy, creative, and sensitive. They live like water lilies in small ponds, lakes, and slow-moving streams. 

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