Your Astrological Sign's Zodiac Flower?


Aries symbolizes beginnings. Aries are enthusiastic, confident, and happy. Springtime honeysuckle blooms 


Poppy flowers are weeds, although they may flourish under harsh conditions. Tauruses are stubborn like poppies, especially concerning their passions.


Lavender, like Geminis, is adaptable. Lavender is ideal for birthdays if you dislike the mundane.


Cancers want familiarity. White flowers, like Cancerians, are graceful and loved. White flowers represent innocence, like Cancer's sensitivity. 


Their "sunny" personality brightens everyone they meet, therefore their flower should be too! Turning toward the light makes sunflowers faithful and dazzling. 


Their playful nature emerges. Virgos are tidy and orderly, like the buttercup. Due of their intricate design, flowers represent neatness.

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