Your astrological sign's strong colors

Red, White, and Pink for Aries

deep blood Red boosts Aries' charm. Friendship, business, love—they want it all. Red boosts confidence by encouraging bold thinking and leadership.

Taurus: Pastel pink, white, and earthy tones

Venus draws beauty and fortune. Persistence aids success. Venus likes pink, white, and milk.
Taurians also dislike red.

Yellow-green Gemini

Geminis benefit from green's growth, creativity, and peace. White, black, pink, and crimson suit them.

Cancer: White, Yellow, Blue, Sea Green

Wet, sentimental Cancerians value family. Sad, delicate (like the waxing and waning of the Moon ). They like blue, white, and sea green. Sea-green uniforms.

Leo: Reddish Orange, Gold, Purple

Their ego and self-esteem are orange and reddish-orange. Red, gold, and purple also suit Leos. Pale and pastel colors don't suit Lions' tempers.

Virgo: Greens and pastels

They match pastel blue, grey, peach, mauve, green, and black-green. These colors help Virgos focus. Avoid red for their character.

Libra - Blue, Pink, and Green hues.

Librans are calming and lovely with pastel blue and light pink. Pastel green also promotes freshness and development. They should avoid red like Virgos.

Scorpio: Maroon, Black, and Purple

Scorpions love dark hues like purple, scarlet, maroon, and black. These hues enhance their psychic abilities. Avoid faint hues and tints.

Purple and Yellow Sagittarius

Purple boosts Sagittarians' luck and happiness, enlightening them. Yellow will boost them. Due of their fierceness, bright pink and purple will soothe them.

Grey, black, and brown for Capricorn.

Brown's steadiness would help them attain their aims. However, black-and-white extremes make Capricorns more conservative.

Aquarius: Turquoise and Electric Blue

Aquarians love blue and turquoise. These hues encourage exploration and growth. Avoid black.

Pisces: Light Sea Green, Yellow, Lavender.

Pisceans like soft sea greens and ocean colours. Yellow uplifts. Lavender and peach will energize them. Avoid vivid colors to avoid emotional drama.

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