you like football Here's Tua Tagovailoa.

Dolphins quarterback Donny Tagovailoa. He won the Maxwell and Walter Camp Awards as a sophomore at Alabama after being the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship Offensive MVP.

Tagovailoa[2], the oldest of four Samoan siblings, was born in ʻEwa Beach, Hawaii, to Galu and Diane.His parents said he always slept with a football.

Tagovailoa backed up Hurts in 2017. He played much in two Crimson Tide blowouts. September 9 was his first college game at Bryant–Denny Stadium against Fresno State.

March 20, 2023, Dolphins exercised Tagovailoa's fifth-year option.Tagovailoa said he considered retiring in the off-season after his 2022 injuries in his first news conference since December 2022.

Tagovailoa's family moved to Alabaster after committing to Alabama.Christ Tagovailoa. For a left-handed son, his father taught him left-handed throwing.2022's only NFL left-handed quarterback.

In February 2021, Tagovailoa established the Tua Foundation to support youth, health, and other charities. Tua's major influences—Hawaii, Alabama, and Miami—work with the foundation.

The Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch needed $93,000 for funerals and grief counseling for eight 4-to-17-year-old car accident victims, so the Tua Foundation held its first event in August 2021.

The foundation's February 4 launch gave $16,667 to the Police Athletic League of North Miami, Big Oak Ranch in Springville, Alabama, and the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame in Honolulu.

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