Your zodiac sign determines your work style.

Corporate jungles abound. To succeed, everyone must hustle. However, knowledge is power and Earth and Heaven are reflections.


Aries labor. Their blazing personality, quick answers, and unironic honesty to do a good job impressed the interviewer and got them hired! Aries! Warriors like action.


Taurus charms coworkers. Their "realness" draws us. Their calm demeanor and ability to put people at ease got them hired.


Quick-witted Gemini. "Street smarts" impress. They gather gossip like butterflies and often get you to reveal delicious secrets for something they heard elsewhere. Geminis know all. 


Cancerians serve. They're essential. If you can lavishly reward their extraordinary achievement beyond money. Financially stable Cancerians care about others.


Leo always rules. Even at an entry-level job or unpaid internship, they'll boss everyone around them, including their superiors. Only they can do it so effortlessly. 


Virgos take satisfaction in "serving" as their sign. Before accusing your Virgoan coworker of "brown nosing," reread that. Virgo loves to help and often takes on extra duties. 


Libra captivates like Taurus. Unlike Taurus, Libra strives for charm. Only a disturbed Libra would come to work in rags. Libra carefully chooses accessories and perfume for business.


when interacting. Their steady eyes and self-confidence are admirable. Scorpios despise "blame" and would sooner die than apologize. They're self-assured.


Sagittarius' energy and enthusiasm make them great officemates. That can be annoying and cringe-worthy, but they always find a way to illuminate your darkest places. 


Capricorn is the temple's high priest(ess) of work. However, Capricorn has a dry, witty sense of humor. Their sarcastic quips will startle you and make you laugh. At work, 


Aquarius is calm and cool in tumult. Despite their emotional detachment, they are surprisingly good at their occupations. Aquarius has the oddest hobbies outside of work.


Pisces despise employment unless it's their passion. If their job pays, they'll always feel outsider. They may be the office sweethearts who brighten everyone's day,

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