Who Are the Most Beautiful Zodiac Signs?

Technically, beauty is a societal concept. What society thinks is beautiful changes from decade to decade. In the Victorian era, pale white, plump ladies were the “in” look

Head-ruled Aries. They're attractive and full-faced. Aries are beautiful and strong.

Tauruses have stunning throats. She's gorgeous, whether it's her head tilt or chin lift. 

Gemini women have lovely arms. Her arms are beautiful and toned whether she is swimming or drinking coffee. 

Cancerians have beautiful hands. She has the prettiest hands and fingers of all zodiac signs.

Leo women have great breasts because their hearts dominate them. Leo men have strong pecs.

A Virgo woman on the beach is jealous-inducing. You want to know how much work went into that toned tummy and lovely waistline.

You hate to see a Libra woman go but love to watch her depart. Poets ode her backside.

These females trim and groom anything below the waist. You'll understand when your Scorpio undresses.

Sagittarius loves legs. They may not win the most beautiful zodiac sign, but they will win best legs.

Capricorn also won leg prizes. Sagittarius has the greatest thighs, while Capricorns have long, beautiful legs. 

After meeting your Aquarius, you realized ankles might be lovely. Aquariuses have gorgeous ankles and feet. 

Aquariuses have great feet and ankles. Pisces feet are gorgeous. This person has great feet and could model flip-flops.

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