Which Zodiac Signs Whine Most?

1) Capricorn
Capricorn is the greatest whiner.Capricorns are brilliant, structured, rational, and resolute, but it's time to admit that they're major whiners.

2) Virgos
 whine.Virgos are dedicated, especially professionally. 

3) Leo
Leo's unreasonable.Leo is the zodiac's ruler, thus they act like royalty. When angered, these Indians never bite their tongues. 

4) Scorpio
Scorpio complains about everything. Scorpio is the restaurant patron who complains about the cuisine yet eats it all.

5) Taurus
 is the original moaner.Taurus, an uptight sign, struggles to see the good side of life. 

They groan and blame their misfortune. Unfortunately, the second zodiac sign loses concentration when things go wrong and protests and bleats instead of finding answers.

6) Sagittarius
Sagittarius never hesitates.Sagittarius gets furious and relentless when they don't get their way.

Their infantile characteristics cause them to pout and ruin the mood for everyone else. If they don't get what they want, why should anybody else have fun?

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