Which Zodiac Signs Like What Music?

Aries likes techno.

Aries, you like dance, house, and techno and are impetuous. You like rhythmic and moving things.

Country for Taurus

Tauruses adore folk and country music and are homebodies.

Electro Gemini

Geminis have a real teenage side to their personalities and therefore prefer lively music such as electro.

Classic Cancer

Cancers are romantic, sensitive, and gentle, thus they enjoy soft instruments like the harp or piano.

Leo theatrical

Leos appreciate musical theater and aren't afraid to star.

Virgo medieval music

Medieval music gives timid, solemn Virgos a spiritual message.

Libran romance

I love! All Libras want it. Love songs are perfect for them!

Jazz Scorpio

Scorpios adore jazz because they fantasize and want independence.

Sagittarius Let's rock!

Hard rock and metal suit Sagittarius' aggressive, rebellious nature.

Capricorn classics

Classical music is their favorite. Classical music helps Capricorns gain respect.

Exotic sounds for Aquarius

International music supports Aquariuses' freedom, tolerance, and dislike of rules.

Opera does it for Pisces

Pisces are artistic and inventive, therefore opera suits their acute musical sensibilities.

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