Which Zodiac Signs Keep Secrets?

We all had a close buddy. We've also had friends we didn't like.


To focus Aries, you'll need a calm moment. Because they're always looking ahead, they're careless and can keep secrets. 


Taureans are strong, but they bear a lot. They don't complain but can get angry when overwhelmed, and their grounded, down-to-earth demeanor is reassuring.


Rumors exist. Geminis cannot conceal! Strategic discussion. Geminis may tell strangers your secrets. Gemini love talking, but they don't want to get in trouble for airing others' problems.


Cancers are kind, caring, and supportive of their loved ones. This sensitive sign may know a secret that's been hanging on your heart, but they won't force you to reveal it.


Leos are family-oriented and discreet. Your private words may affect how they treat your wrongdoers. Your beloved cat will look at your lover if you tell them about their mistake.


Problem-solving Virgos are great confidants. They will honor your secrets and give you honest input. They may also try to aid you, so you may want to stay quiet on sensitive topics.Virgo


Libras like talking but don't reveal secrets. Even if you beg, this chatty air sign may talk about something safe. They like juicy morsels and maintain trust and respect in their relationships.


Scorpios value private the most. This sympathetic water sign lives on mystery and knows the value of silence. Besides burying your secrets,


Jupiter-ruled Limits and privacy trouble Sagittarius. They speak out. This ebullient fire sign can bond through talk.

Should I end things in person?

Even if you haven't been hooking up for that long, it's important meeting in person if you decide to call it quits.


Your beloved Capricorn can offer practical, private advise. This Saturn-ruled sign keeps secrets better than any other. They'll also help you rationalize your feelings. 


Aquarians are bold, risk-takers, and life-lovers. Due to their vast experience, they give cautious, sometimes bold life advice. Uranus, their boss, is erratic, but this air sign likes to chat.


Pisces rule the 12th house, which rules privacy and secret items. If you've ever been close to a Pisces, they've likely exposed themselves slowly, withholding information until trust is formed.

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