Which Zodiac Signs Keep Secrets?


Aries are silent. They retain secrets because they're forgetful and forward-thinking. Emphasize your confidentiality to ensure they'll keep your request for secret information discreet.


Taureans carry a lot despite their strength and calmness. They don't grumble but may become angry when overwhelmed, and their grounded, down-to-earth personality is calming.


You heard correctly. Geminis struggle with secrets! They gossip strategically. Geminis may disclose strangers your secrets. Gemini like to converse, but not about others' problems.


Cancers love and support their families. This sensitive sign may know a secret that's been bothering you, but they won't make you tell.


Leos can keep secrets. Your private words may affect how others treat your wrongdoers. Telling your favorite tiny lion about your sweetie's error will make them stare.


Problem-solving Virgos are great confidants. They will respect your secrets and offer you honest comments. They may also want to help you, so you may want to stay quiet on sensitive topics.


Libras communicate morally. Even when told not to, this chatty air sign may talk about something innocuous. They love finding juicy information and retain trust and respect.


Scorpios value privacy most. This sensitive water sign loves mystery and stillness. They'll preserve your secrets and offer emotional support and revenge if you've been abused.


Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius has privacy issues. They speak freely. This lively fire sign may be bound by gossip. Be serious with your favorite archer to keep them silent.


Your favorite Capricorn can offer realistic, private guidance. This Saturn-ruled sign keeps secrets better than any other. They'll also help you rationalize your feelings.


Aquarians are daring and life-lovers. They give valuable, sometimes surprising life advise. Uranus is erratic. Trusting a gossiping Aquarius friend with intimate information is dangerous.


Pisces rule the secretive 12th house. Pisces usually reveal themselves cautiously, building trust. Water signs may reciprocate if you open up.

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