Which Zodiac Signs Get Stressed The Most?


Your body frequently experiences the affects of your anxiety because you are the zodiac sign that is thought to be the most anxious.


Your irritability and lack of tolerance are symptoms of extreme anxiety. When the strain builds, you should be watched out for because you might blow.


You manage your anxiety, but worry is eating away at you from the inside, and as a result, you may later experience minor health issues.


Your degree of stress rises along with your anxiety. To let your feelings out and move on, you need to literally let your hair down.


Controlling your emotions is a big ask for you, but you must strive to keep your nervousness under control as much as you can because your superego is important.


Since you are one of the youngest astrological signs and have a temperamental side, not getting what you want can make you anxious.


You're cool, you don't like to cause trouble, but if things don't progress along at a pace that pleases you, you start to get anxious.


Although you don't naturally have a nervous disposition, you do have irrational worries that can easily overwhelm you and cause severe panic attacks.

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