Which Zodiac Sign Is Ugliest?


- Pisces has the finest brows and hair. Their deep eyes provide a drowning risk, so look away.


Beautiful Leo.Leo's button nose, eyes, and skin are lovely. Leos have round features, deep dimples, and small lips. Hair protrudes. They're evident!


Libra is graceful.Their lovely oval face and round forehead make this symbol stunning. Beautiful brows, strong eyes, and smooth hair make them stunning. 


Beautiful Gemini.Oval-faced Gemini is attractive. Their flowing hair and bright eyes make them beautiful. Gemini's million-dollar smile reflects their intelligence and life delight.


Icy Virgo are heartbreakers with their small lips and curious stare. Their delicate bones make them more attractive.


Scorpio's attractiveness destabilizes.Scorpio might seem frail and unsettling with their keen gaze. 


Taurus is hidden.Taurus' seductive face exudes. Their stunning hair and eyes set them apart. Taurus's excellent.


Aries is stunning .Aries people stand out with their square faces and robust features. Combined with heavy brows, their piercing eyes might seem menacing.


Beautiful CapricornThey have rectangular features and thin hair, yet they're cute. 


Aquarius is a niche beauty Their square faces and high hairlines are what make the Aquarius zodiac sign original in the looks department. 


Worst zodiac sign? - It's cancer...Cancer has round cheeks that people like to squeeze. Sweet Cancer has soulful eyes. 


Sagittarius is stunning.Sagittarius' kindness and love of adventure are stunning. 

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