Which Zodiac Sign Is Most Popular?

You may notice that one sign dominates astrology. Because certain zodiac signs are more prevalent than others. In this article

Scorpios, the most prevalent zodiac sign, are energetic and secretive, making them fascinating.

Virgos are common and friendly, following Scorpio. They're always there to support a buddy or offer guidance as one of the zodiac's smartest.

3 Gemini
 These hilarious, social signals will always boost the party. Geminis are friendly and get along with everyone.

 Kind, delicate Pisces is creatively aware. They're the zodiac's daydreamers, often coming up with fresh ideas to discuss.

 Libras like intelligent arguments with friends and family. 

 want their space, yet they'll let others in when necessary. They are kind and loving.

 Leo enjoys socializing. Charming and knowledgeable, they've never met someone they couldn't talk to.

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