Which Zodiac Sign Is Most Common?

1) Scorpio
9.6% of Americans are Scorpios.The most prevalent US zodiac sign is Scorpio.

2) Virgo
9.4% US populationSince Virgos are the smartest zodiac sign, their second-place finish is comforting.

3. Gemini
9.3% US populationThe effervescent and outgoing Gemini is a leading candidate for the most frequent zodiac sign.

4. Pisces
 9.1% of US populationPisces is among the most popular zodiac signs.

5) cancer 
us percentage = 8.5%Cancer concludes the top half of zodiac signs.

6) Libra
 8.8% US populationLibra, one of the three Air signs, is a great communicator.

7) Taurus
 8.3% of US populationIn our ranking of the most frequent zodiac signs, this obstinate sign ranks seventh.

8) Capricorn
 8.2% US populationIn the US, Capricorns are sixth.

9) Aries
8.1% US populationAries leads the zodiac.

10) Sagittarius
 7.3% of US populationWe're currently in the later portion of the least frequent US zodiac signs.

11) Leo
 7.1% US populationThe flamboyant Leo finishes eleventh but never disappoints.

12) Aquarius
Which zodiac sign is rarest? 6.3% of Americans are Aquarius.The least common sign is Aquarius.

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