Which Zodiac Pet Are You?

It's OK if you don't feel the same way you did before, but let your hook-up know as soon as possible.

Aries: Ferret

Ferrets would be Aries. Like Aries, ferrets are bold, eager, and happy. They run, fall, and skid around, easily bored. 

Tortoise Taurus

Tortoises would be Taurus. Taurus, like a turtle, is stubborn and moves slowly. They're easy to care for, calm, and tender.


Gemini parrots. Parrots are like Gemini—playful and sharp. Their intellect and curiosity amaze. Talkative parrots can say things you don't want others to hear.

Minipig Cancer

Miniature pigs are Cancers. Pigs love family like Cancer. Cancer's emotions most mirror pigs'. 

Guinea Pig Leo

Guinea pigs would be Leos. Guinea pigs are playful, social, and outspoken like Leo. Guinea pigs need care and love.

Dog Virgo

Dogs are Virgos. Like Virgo, dogs are kind and helpful. They love rituals and are great companions. care dogs are important to disabled people, and Virgo symbolizes care.

Scorpio: Lizard

Scorpio is the snake sign. Scorpios and lizards are introverts. They're wary, suspicious, reticent, and still when assessing a scenario. They bolt from unpleasant situations.


Sagittarian chickens. Chickens, like Sagittariuses, are talkative. Chickens can clamor. Chickens' early and all-day clucking fascinates.


Rabbits are Capricorns. Rabbits calmly observe their surroundings like Capricorn, gaining wisdom and knowledge.

Aquarius: Hedgehog

Hedgehogs would be Aquarius. Hedgehogs are cute but strange with brush-like spines. Like Aquarius, they don't need focus or cuddles. Even if they don't show it, they need love.

Fish Pisces

Pisces would be the fish tarot sign. Fish, like Pisces, follow their intuition. Their floating haven gives them freedom. 

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