Which mythical creature are you, based on your zodiac sign?

Aries: Dragon

Perhaps the most well-known and beloved mythical monster of all time is the dragon. Like the dragon, there is no middle ground for the fearless Aries; it's either triumph or die.

Taurus: Dryad

The divinity of the woodlands is the fairy-like dryad; they are forest spirits that are inextricably linked to the trees. Taurus, the ground sign, is constantly in touch with nature.

Gemini: Fairy

The cunning and ethereal Gemini sees the universe as a fairy would. Fairies experience magic and miracles as a result of their faith in everything enchanted and enigmatic.

Cancer: Werewolf

Cancer roars with ferocity and emotion, similar to a werewolf, and gets all its power from the moon. Werewolves are strong, but they also have a sensitive side. Similar to how a werewolf would defend its bond

Leo: Sphynx

The sphynx is a fearsome mythical creature with a lion's torso, a falcon's wings, and a human head. A Leo is revered by everyone who knows their identity and possesses the regal authority of a sphinx. They are led by the sun and radiate prestige and power.

Virgo: Unicorn

A lovely unicorn immediately springs to mind when we discuss the Virgo zodiac sign, which stands for innocence and chastity. A Virgo will only give their rare and enigmatic abilities to people who merit them. 

Libra: Sylph

Beautiful spirits known as sylphs inhabit the heavens. The heavenly radiance of a sylph, powered by delicate magic, is personified by a Libra. These ethereal, mystical entities are so removed from the limitations of the physical universe.

Scorpio: Vampire

People are irrationally attracted to vampires despite the fact that they are dark, exciting, and frequently attractive characters who emit incredibly intense feelings.

Sagittarius: Centaur

The combined might of man and nature is embodied by a galloping centaur who talks with the brave wisdom of a Sagittarius. A centaur uses all possible means, including a bow and arrow, to accomplish its objectives and learns new skills along the way. 

Capricorn: Elf

Capricorns are so intelligent and beautiful that they could easily pass for elves. Elves rule the planet with their unbreakable strength, bringing fame, fortune, and power to their identity. 

Aquarius: Undine

These lovely aquatic spirits act as a link between the ocean and the surface of the earth as they wander around lagoons. They fiercely admire people and keep watch over them from afar. The lovely, cursed creatures are born without a soul like a person.

Pisces: Mermaid

One of the most adored and beloved mythical animals of all time is the mermaid. They are renowned for their elegance, attractiveness, and grace, just like the Pisces. This stunning enchantress is just as unreachable as Pisces, who have mermaid-like qualities of intuition, empathy, and romance.

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