Which airline should your zodiac sign fly?

Planes are the finest method to travel. Travel opens new horizons and reveals new parts of yourself.


Aries love adventure and go to Asia. Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, and others are best served by ANA, All Nippon Airways.


Taurus like Qatar Airways because they respect luxury. Qatar's QSuite business class is world-class! Qatar Airways dominates the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.


Geminis are insatiably curious about life, people, and new things. You wish to explore and live fully. Geminis should fly United Airlines, which has 369 destinations.


Cancers are curious about local culture and history. They care and want security. Cancers should fly Delta. 


Leos are determined and passionate. They fly to Spain, the UK, and the Netherlands to embrace their royalty.


Earth sign Virgos are frugal. Spirit suits them. Spirit offers cheap airfares. Flying savings on Big Front Seat upgrades. Spirit's first-class seat sans perks. 


Libras love balance. "Hygge" comforts Libra. The Danish and Norwegian word hygge means "comfortable conviviality" and well-being. Libras should fly Scandinavian.


Scorpios are secretive and may visit unexpected locales. They may like remote places. British Airways has 200 destinations, including some in Africa and Europe. 


Sagittarius craves new experiences. Their powerful spirits need knowledge and wisdom. With its hub, Turkish Airlines suits Sagittarius.


Capricorns arrange their vacations meticulously. American Airlines has one of the world's most extensive timetables, making it excellent for Capricorns to plan their trips.


Open-minded Aquarius. You prefer to visit places where you can help improve the planet. 


Pisces thrive in imagination. Icelandair is ideal for them to visit inspiring and nearly mysterious destinations.

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