Zodiac Signs That Have A History Of Breaking Hearts

Geminis Are Known Heartbreakers

Geminis are renowned for their no-nonsense outlook, which can occasionally come across as frigid or blunt. Even though it rarely happens on purpose, Gemini can be impulsive and unreliable in partnerships.

Sagittarius Are Passionate Lovers But Cold Heartbreakers

One of the finest signs for lovers is Sagittarius. Everywhere that matters, including in the boudoir, they are ferocious and passionate.That said, they sometimes struggle to control their ardor, which can turn into being unfaithful as they pursue a desire high.

Libra Can Surprise You With An Unexpected Heartbreak

The surprise heartbreaker of the zodiac signs is Libra. Surprisingly, their passionate and dramatic tendencies are what cause them to frequently break their partners' hearts.

A natural people-pleaser, Libra can be compulsive at times.

When it comes to individuals they care about, Libras have a natural tendency to try to please them at all costs.

Aquarius Can Be Aloof In Love

Due to their reputation for being somewhat distant in relationships, Aquarius is another sign that enters the list of heartbreak signs.Although they are not frequently dishonest or vindictive, their dismissive demeanor and propensity to make others feel stupid can make them difficult companions.

People who frequently seek assistance from others have a tendency to turn off Aquarius.

Don't be surprised if an Aquarian abandons you in a circumstance, figuring you can handle it on your own, just like they would.

Scorpios Get A Terrible Wrap In The Dating Game

One of the zodiac signs that generates the most heated argument when it comes to heartbreak is the Scorpio lover. Are they loyal and ferocious or poisonous and dangerous? After being stung by the Scorpio, some claim that they become possessive and envious at the worst possible moments.

A Scorpio Can Be Intensely Loyal And Deeply Protective

A Scorpio will go to great measures to ensure the welfare of their loved ones. This sign doesn't intentionally break people's hearts, but they are capable of doing so when required.

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