What's Your Zodiac Dog Breed?

If you like dogs and astrology, picture each zodiac sign as a breed. We've matched each breed's behavioral traits with the 12 zodiac signs.


Doberman Pinchers epitomize Aries dogs. Dobies are brave, daring, assertive, and ready for anything. Like Aries, they have a tough demeanor, but once you get to know them, they're kind.


Basset Hounds are Taurus dogs. They're low-energy sniffers like Taurus. Though stubborn, they're patient, loyal, quiet, loving, and charming. Basset Hounds love food and naps.


Gemini Jack Russell Terriers. These intelligent, curious pets learn quickly like Geminis. Because they move constantly, Jack Russell Terriers tire easily. Thus, they seek new hobbies.


Newfoundlands are Cancers. Happy "nanny dogs" love their families. Newfoundlands love and watch like Cancers. They also watch kids.


Golden Retrievers are naturally Leos. They resemble the class Leo emblem, the lion, with their golden coat and neck feathering. Golden Retrievers, like Leos, love attention. 


Bloodhounds are Virgo dogs. Bloodhounds, like Virgos, work hard. They focus on following a smell. Virgo's need to help matches a Bloodhound's hunt and rescue work.


Libra poodles. Like dogs, Libras are smart, social, and adventurous. Poodles are smart, amusing, and obedient. They like cleaning. We hear "Libra"!


Scorpio American Pit Bulls. Like Scorpios, they're brave, fearless, and driven. Pitties and Scorpios appear strong, but their soulful eyes betray otherwise.


Siberian Huskies represent Sagittarius. Huskies and Sags are social and love action and fun. Siberian Huskies are active, playful, impish, and social. These boisterous dogs won't hold back.


Border Collies are Capricorn dogs. Border Collies work hard like Capricorns. They are sharp, loyal, and energetic. They also like toys and lambs organized.


Basenjis are Aquarians. They are autonomous, self-confident, and creative like Aquarius. They're shy, rigid, and not people-pleasers. Basenjis yodel, not yap!


CKCs symbolize Pisces. Pisces are smart, playful, gentle, and compassionate lap dogs. These sweet dogs can feel emotions and comfort kids, seniors, and special needs people.

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