What Zodiac Zombie Are You?

Zombies have been one of the most famous horror antagonists since George A. Romero's George A. Romero. 

In the decades afterwards, zombies have taken numerous shapes, from 28 Days Later's rage-filled zombies to The Walking Dead's shuffling zombies to iZombie's human-like zombies.

Viral Zombie Aries 

In 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later, the Rage Virus infects Londoners, creating viral zombies.

Urbane zombies, like those in Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, can be hard to categorize as zombies since they typically retain pre-death traits. 

Taurus—Urban Zombie

Gemini-Brooks Zombie 

Like 28 Days Later zombies, Brooks zombies are aggressive and fast-moving. 

Mimic Zombie Leo

Dawn of the Dead, a late 1970s sequel to Night of the Living Dead, featured zombie victims trapped in a shopping mall and forced to utilize the mall's resources to fight them. 

The T-Virus, developed by the evil Umbrella Corporation as a biological weapon, spawned test-tube zombies in the Resident Evil franchise.

Virgo: Test-Tube Zombie

Libra-R Zombie 

Warm Bodies generates R-like zombies after a horrific illness divides people and zombies.

Scorpio—Radioactive Zombies

2005 saw George A. Romero's sixth Night of the Living Dead picture. Land of the Dead depicted a medieval civilization where undead outnumber people.

The federally backed ZomCon Corp. converts zombies into menial laborers, guards, and pets in the cult film Fido. 

Sagittarius—Fido Zombie

Walkers Capricorn

The Walking Dead introduces walkers as ruthless human flesh eaters.

Aquarius—Almost Not A Zombie

Santa Clarita Diet mixes slapstick humor and gross-out horror, but its clever idea has heart and brains. 

Pisces—Supernatural Zombie

REC, about a priest who accidentally cast a curse while exorcising, inspired supernatural zombies.

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