What Zodiac Girl Character Are You?

Girls, about four young women in New York City navigating millennial life, is one of the most polarizing TV shows of recent years. Its characters are self-indulgent and annoying.


Charlie, the first season's main character, possesses Aries qualities. He loves Marnie deeply and is sometimes adventurous. (usually in an attempt to get Marnie to love him). 


Desi's attraction to Marnie makes him one of the show's most aggravating characters. He is stubborn and down-to-earth, like a Taurus. (sometimes to his own detriment).


Jessa is clearly a Gemini. Like the twins, she is charismatic and sociable, but she is also untrustworthy, leaving her friends or going on new adventures without warning.


Laird is a recurring character. He's deeply emotional, like Cancer. (which, as a water sign, is always in touch with its feelings). 


Hannah's editor David dominates the series despite appearing in only a few episodes. As a Leo, he dominates everyone, which has made him a formidable editor.


Ray is the show's most balanced character. He's sensible, and he's one of the few with a regular job.


Marnie seems wealthy. Like a Libra, she can't focus. She never settles, switching jobs and relationships until the end.


Adam's tortured Scorpio. He is moody, angry, and manipulative. Scorpio Adam's sympathy demonstrates he's sensitive.


Series protagonist Hannah is a Sagittarius. She's not the worst person, but she's so blissfully clueless of everything around her that she can look like it.


Elijah breathed life into the show. He's extremely sassy and won't hesitate to tell Hannah she's an idiot. Elijah is practical and often gets to the point.


As troubled as Adam is, his sister Caroline can't keep a job or a relationship. She's charming and mercurial, yet as an Aquarius, she may take advantage of the naïve.


Shoshanna is also intriguing. She's a dreamer like a Pisces, searching for herself and her goals. However, as a fish, she can be influenced by others and make poor decisions under pressure.

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