What Type of Cat Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries: Somali

If you were a type of cat, Aries, you would unquestionably be a Somali. The Somali is the long-haired relative of the Abyssinian, and both share the Aries zodiac sign's characteristics in terms of personality. 

Taurus: British Shorthair

British Shorthairs are the ideal cat breed for the Taurus sign because they exude a regal aura. It's no secret that both of you can be stubborn, but that's only because you both have a strong sense of routine and are devoted to the commitments you make.

Gemini: Bengal

Because you, Gemini, are all about communication, the talkative Bengal breed is a fantastic match for your sign. Bengal cats enjoy communicating, whether it be by meows, chirps, trills, yowls, purrs, or the sporadic hiss.

Cancer: Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is you in cat form, Cancer. Ragdolls are excellent emotional support animals since they are known for being loving and sensitive to their owners' feelings. Both of you are highly perceptive beings who take care and have compassion for others.

Leo: Maine Coon

You're the Maine Coon of the cat world, Leo, with your thick mane and assured demeanor. You have the same lion-like spirit as the Maine Coon; you're courageous, kind, and devoted, and you don't mind being the center of attention.

Virgo: Siamese

Virgo, does the desire of Siamese cats to be everywhere at once sound familiar? They insist on having every hair on their body in the proper position before they can go to sleep. You are both intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated beings.

Libra: Persian

Without a doubt, the Persian is the Libra of cat breeds. The Persian cat breed is the ultimate mediator, just as humans born under the sign of Libra thrive on equilibrium and harmony. Anyone around them will feel at ease due to their laid-back, serene personality.

Scorpio: Munchkin

You would undoubtedly notice if a Munchkin cat entered a room, am I right? You, Scorpio, can say the same about yourself. You have a strong presence and are outspoken, which makes you and the Munchkin an ideal fit.

Sagittarius: Singapura

The Singapura is unquestionably the cat form of the Sagittarius sign. These less popular cats share all the same characteristics as the Sag; they are self-assured, amiable, animated, active, and constantly eager to discover.

Capricorn: Norwegian Forest Cat

Big-picture thinkers like you, Capricorn, complement the large, fluffy Norwegian Forest Cat very well. You're not afraid to scale a tree to obtain a good view of a situation, just like this kind of cat. 

Aquarius: Selkirk Rex

We're not saying you're weird, but Aquarius, you're definitely unique. And because of this, the quirky Selkirk Rex is the ideal feline fit for your sign. This particular cat breed has a wavy coat that gives them somewhat less cat and more sheeplike appearance.

Pisces: Turkish Van

The Turkish Van cat breed is ideal for Pisces since it enjoys the water and is a water sign. It's true that due of their love of the water, this breed is known as the "swimming cat."

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