What Scent You Should Wear

Aries: Cinnamon

According to romance astrologer Anna Kovach, "this is the perfect fragrance for those born under the sign of the ram," who are known for their bravery, energy, and boldness.

Taurus: Heliotrope

Some people feel the aroma of heliotrope is more suggestive of food than a flower because of its blend of sweet almond and vanilla with a hint of earthiness.

Gemini: Lily of the Valley

"Curiously, it's dual nature is similar to that of our own Gemini. Yet, despite its attractive appearance and pleasant aroma, the plant as a whole is very toxic."



Cancer: Palo Santo

"There's no doubt that Cancers need this comforting scent to help them unwind after a long day of putting out emotional and social energy into the world.

Leo: Citrus

According to Kovach, the flamboyant and theatrical Leo is drawn to the scent of citrus fruits like oranges, mandarins, and grapefruits. 

Virgo: Pine

They'll like the natural atmosphere, which will make them feel as if they've been strolling in a forest.

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Libra: Rose

Kovach thinks that a Libra's "sentimental attraction energy" might be better conveyed by the scent of a rose. 

Scorpio: Jasmine

"Scorpios are drawn to the exotic aroma of jasmine since their sign is connected with power, money, mystery, and metamorphosis.

Sagittarius: Eucalyptus

Kovach explains that Sagittarius is a sign connected with wisdom and healing because of its focus on philosophy and spirituality.



Capricorn: Vanilla

"Natives of this sign are straightforward, steady, and hardworking. This is why they get so excited when they smell vanilla in the air."

Aquarius: Clove

"The aroma of this spicy and potent spice is ideal for people born under the rebellious and unexpected sign of Aquarius" because of the sign's air sign's reputation for originality and surprise.

Pisces: Patchouli

Patchouli, as Ash says, may be a calming and reassuring aroma when it's time to drift off into dreamland. 

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