What Do You Put in a Breakfast Smoothie?

There are so many different ingredients that may be included in a breakfast smoothie. Different advantageous effects are provided by each group of substances.

Here are some of my favorite suggestions for ingredients to include in your morning smoothie.

Chia seeds, coconut milk, or the nut butter of your choice. As a result, the smoothie is more satiating and filling between meals. Be mindful of quantities; I typically add around 1 tablespoon.

Healthy Fats

Breakfast protein smoothies are simple to make with Greek yogurt or your preferred protein powder. Oatmeal increases fiber by one spoonful.

Protein and Fiber Additions.


Fruit smoothies for breakfast are a perennial favorite. My favorites are blueberries and strawberries. Bananas naturally sweeten smoothies.


Smoothies can include spinach, kale, avocado, carrots, and even beets.

Flavor Additions

Dates, vanilla, cinnamon, honey, maple syrup, and all of these are great methods to enhance the flavor of your smoothie.


My preferred almond milk for smoothies is unsweetened. You can also use coconut water, a different sort of milk, juice, plain water, or even juice in moderation as it is high in sugar but low in fiber.

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