We Had To: Your Zodiac Sign's Best Shoe


You hate dullness, therefore you need crazy shoes. Try super-reflective pointy-toe boots till the next big trend?


Pisces, your imagination is unmatched, thus you need shoes that seem like art. Our suggestion: jeweled kitten heels.


Your multitasking lifestyle requires comfy shoes. You're quite receptive to early adoption. Wear "grandpa sneakers" with straight-leg jeans and midi skirts.


Buy simple, high-quality. Buy stylish beige heels for business and sensuality for your earth sign.


Social butterfly/binge-watching introvert. Your shoes should balance your party-girl wild child and serious thinker. Black suede booties with fluffy pom-pom zippers.


Your calm demeanor and velvet ankle boots match. Blue is a plus for water signs.


These bold hot-pink heels suit your outgoing attitude. Since you love drama, the large silky bow is the ideal conclusion.


The '60s go-go boot vibes and your inner neat-freak will love these.


Lady scales, balance is your middle name. Indecisive mornings call for a hefty heeled slip-on. Enjoy maintaining your physical equilibrium as others fall.


Secretive and sensual, you can sport rocker-chic snakeskin boots like a pro.


As a free spirit, you require comfortable, low-key shoes. The Birkenstock. These will carry you from Brussels to Bali.


. A smart pair of pointed flats will take you from the board meeting you're chairing to the preschool banquet you're co-chairing despite promising you wouldn't again.

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