Water Brand for Your Zodiac Sign

Water is the single most overlooked way to stay healthy, look young, and cure hangovers.


Aquarius is highly intelligent, autonomous, and uncompromising. Air elemental sign. Thus, Aquariuses should have SmartWater in their fridges.


Water-born Pisces. Thus, the most luxurious sparkling water is saved for those whose aura is defined by water.


Aries are brave and self-assured. They're easygoing, middle-class folks with few complaints.


Poland Springs, one of the most trusted water names on Earth. Taurus are loyal, stable, and sensible. If you know one, you'll naturally like their laid-back charm.


Dasani changes its image while keeping true to its mission.

Aquafina has the most clever ads and tastes great. Cancers like Aquafina because they are imaginative and can convince you into anything.



Leos love travel and Fiji. Fijian bottles are almost as good as exotic vacations.


Evian fits the crunchy-granola, nature-loving Virgo. Virgos' rustic lifestyles match Evian's.It's OK if you don't feel the same way you did before, but let your hook-up know as soon as possible.


Libras are social and well-tempered. Most high school cafeterias sell Crystal Geyser water.


Perrier is the oddest bubbly water brand. Some of my pals swear by it and say they never went back after trying Perrier.


Voss is saved for a high-maintenance zodiac sign. Sagittarius are giving and idealistic. They favor life's finer things and won't settle for less.


Finally, Capricorns should drink Nestle whenever feasible. This filtered water matches the classic, responsible, and focused Capricorn. It can be delivered to your home.

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