Shows can bite you and you can bite them. Both. Succession. The Roys may appear to be aristocratic snobs.

Why Virgos Watch Succession
Those that find Succession hilarious can detect the dark comedy in innumerable moments.

The drama's optimum audience is Virgos, who are satire-sensitive. Others may miss a witty show comment.

Why Libras Watch Succession
Libras are known as peacemakers, so you might be shocked to see them on this list.

Why Capricorns Watch Succession
Which zodiac sign is most ambitious? Yes, Capricorn. Though stereotypical, it serves a purpose.

Why Aquarians Watch Succession
Astrology calls Aquarius the humanitarian and visionary. Their eccentricity masks a natural leader.

Aquarians are socially intelligent and prepared to stand out.

Heading 2

Aquarius recognizes that in the Succession universe, you must be radical and revolutionary.

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