Is it easy for Virgos to fall in love?

They're faithful and great communicators. Dating them can be slow. You may not know their genuine feelings for months.

Virgos are slow to love. Conservative and heart-guarded, they benefit from a flirty, assertive spouse to start. They like honesty and candor over eccentric flirtation.

Virgos are self-critical. Unfortunately, they can't perceive the other person's faults, thus they hold onto feelings for an ex. Virgos often stay alone for months or years and carry love forever! 

"I" comments are totally focused on your emotions and experiences, with no blame placed on the other person.

Is it okay to end a casual relationship over text?

If the relationship is really informal, a simple text may end things while still giving the other person closure.

How do I end things with someone who won’t commit?

When you and your hook-up have opposing long-term objectives for the relationship, it may be quite difficult.

How do I break things off without being rude?

"I've really enjoyed our time together, but I don't see this relationship going anywhere," you may add.

Is it okay to delete them on social media after we’ve split up?

There's nothing wrong with unfriending, unfollowing, or even banning them to allow yourself some breathing room and solitude.

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