How to plan your next vacation based on your zodiac sign

Summer vacation? Pack. If uncertain, look up. Traveling may help your stars predict the future. 


Aries are the most active. Bali is perfect for these energetic wanderers who seek variety. Bali has the best bars, cafes, and adventure sports to satiate these leaders' unrest. 


Don't think you can make these bulls accept for anything less than extraordinary. If they go on vacation, it must be luxurious because it takes a lot of persuading.


Social Geminis love pub hopping, meeting new people, and partying. This star sign should visit Goa for its picturesque shacks, breezy drinks, and lively people. 


Cancerians favor family vacations, but Australia is a good summer vacation spot. The star sign loves the country's vistas, beaches, and kindness.


Lions' vacation moods depend on destination majesty. After much deliberation, we suggest Istanbul, Turkey to boost the lion's ego. Istanbul is for art and culture lovers. 


Traveling with Virgos is difficult. "Crystal clear" perfectionists hate discomfort. Macchu Picchu, Peru, with its scenic hikes and architectural marvels, fits their criteria. 


Librans love intimate getaways. Perfect Santorini, Greece. Libras enjoy romantic meals with sparkling rosé, ferry rides, and cultural events. 


Scorpios love LA because they're mysterious, deep, daring, and intense. Scorpions should visit this famous nation this summer for its beaches, views, wild nights, and celebrities.


Sagittarians desire global travel. Impulsive explorers can enjoy Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. They like the hills' scenic hikes, tasty food, quirky cafes, and culture. 


Capricorns work hard but want to unwind on vacation. Central Europe is walkable from Prague. Prague's historical sites, lively beer pubs, and walkable streets suit Capricorns. 


Seoul, South Korea, is ideal for Aquarians, who love invention. Seoul's historical culture and modern technology fit these zodiacs. 


After Libra, Pisces is most amorous. Paris, the City of Love, is the perfect summer destination for romantics. This city has endless cafés, gorgeous architecture, and Instagrammable sights.

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