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The banana smoothie is a good place to start with these delicious blended drinks. The recipe is easy and a great way to use up bananas.

Banana Smoothie

This is the recipe for you if you want a smoothie that is just as easy but has a more tropical taste. 

Tropical Mango Smoothie

But this recipe is more interesting than most and builds layers of interesting flavours on top of the sweet summer melon.

Watermelon Smoothie



It's time to try something from another country, and la tizana is a delicious fruit smoothie from Venezuela.

La Tizana

Kale is often used in smoothies because it is healthy. Still, some people don't like it at first.

Blueberry Kale Smoothie

Banana, pear, ginger, and kale come together to make a delicious fall smoothie. 

Green Pear Smoothie



In the unique ginger plum smoothie, two things that don't usually go together come together. 

Ginger Plum Smoothie

Blood orange juice is a great base for many drinks because of its sweet and sour taste. 

Blood Orange Strawberry Smoothie

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