"Toy Story" characters are zodiac-based.

"Toy Story" has moved people worldwide for nearly 30 years. The franchise reminds us that magic is real and toys are made to break hearts and restore our trust in humanity.


Aries energised RaAAies energy Raw flesh, adrenaline, nail polish remover, and petty arguments fuel Aries. Duke Caboom dares. Duke's 1975 Evel Knievel Rally Stunt Cycle impacted him.


Hamm, a piggy bank from the franchise's first film, represents Taurus' second house of values and possessions. Venus-ruled bulls like Hamm are vain.


Mercury, the messenger, rules Gemini. Gemini energy is twin-like. In Toy Story 2, the robots in Al's Toy Barn's office are Geminis' better angels and lower selves dueling. 


Cancer is the most nostalgic sign, often reminiscing and longing for the past. Woody is a classic toy and a classic Cancer—loyal and jealous when his primary child is favored. Bonus points, 


Like a real Leo, our top-hatted spud will remove bodily parts and add commentary for a chuckle or reaction. He relies on accessories and self-editing like many lions.


Self-critical Virgos are smart. Forky, a low-self-esteemed toy, is sentient. To Woody's dismay, Forky says "I'm trash." Self-loathing perfectionists


Libra keeps track and negotiates. Bo shows how they survive with charm. Despite her beauty and romance, her crook can quell mutinies. 


Sadist and artist Sid begins. Scorpio's regeneration is visible if you squint. He likes reinventing toys. Buzz, Woody, and the gang reveal their lives,


Centaurs, mythical healers and archers, represent Sagittarius. The animated version is Jesse, a sarcastic cowgirl. Jesse is cheerful and adventurous.


Capricorn fathers everything. Disarrayed bear Lotso appears. He pretends to be Sunnyside Daycare's father before becoming a cruel dictator.


Aquarius manages space travel. Frontiers and their people battle between a superiority mentality and a desire to serve.


Most Pisces rescue dogs fear abandonment, have an uneasy connection style, and avoid conflict. Andy's Rex. Pisces like to escape, thus Rex plays video games well. 

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