TopFavorite Sports in America

American football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the US. It also had the greatest stadium attendance, 67,591, of any league.

American football

US basketball is the most popular worldwide. Its fun tactics, fast speed, and known opportunity make it appealing.


"Why is baseball so popular in the US?" most ask. It's because this sport tests physical strength. Strategy, patience, and pressure contribute to delight.


Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide, but in the US, it is rising in popularity. Finally, Americans understand and appreciate this game.


Ice hockey averages 2.6 million viewers each game. This game is popular in Massachusetts, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Ice hockey 

Tennis, the "transitional game," stands out among those sports. Tennis attracts 17.9 million spectators and participants.


We all remember golf's "rich old men game" phase. Nearly 10% of Americans golf. That's about 30 million interested.


Americans adore boxing. It was their pride and garnered more viewers than any other show or sport.


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