Top 2023 Destinations for Each Zodiac Sign

Your Sign? Zodiac Destination Selection

Astrology signs can help choose a place in 2023. We'll use some of your sun sign's top traits as a guide.

Aries: Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town's Aries are bold and confident. Table Mountain, South Africa's diverse culture, and the city's coast, mountain, and wine area make it worth visiting.

Taurus: Paris, France

Taurus likes luxury, but it's a tourist destination. The city's food, arts, culture, and buildings are ideal. From hotel bar cocktails to comedy, 

Gemini: Dublin, Ireland

Open, friendly Dublin won't tire Gemini. Gemini loves Irish chat and variety. Whiskey lovers can tour Teeling Distillery or Guinness Storehouse.

Cancer: Copenhagen, Denmark

Cancer and hygge share comfort, private, leisure, and family time. Copenhagen is known for its Tivoli Gardens, art galleries, museums, and small shops year-round.

Leo: Los Angeles, California

Even though "Hollywood" is a state of mind, Leo needs therapy and will love L.A.'s vibrant artist community. (more production takes place in nearby Burbank). 

Virgo: Fiji Islands

Self-effacing, ever-thinking In the South Pacific, Virgo can rest on a sandy shore at a deluxe resort in Fiji. Fijians' pity will also bond them.

Libra: Vancouver, British Columbia

Libra wants order and beauty. Visitors can ski Grouse Mountain or sunbathe at North America's biggest clothing-optional shore, Wreck shore, in Vancouver.

Scorpio: Taormina, Sicily

Scorpios are loyal, intense, sensual, private, volatile, and moody. We're Italian, right? The White Lotus fans have lived out loud at Sicily's San Domenico Palace. 

Sagittarius: Wellington, New Zealand

Sagittarius visitors will enjoy Wellington's clever, lively society. UNESCO's City of Film's film locations are open to tourists.

Capricorn: Mexico City, Mexico

Since the Pre-Columbian era, when Tenochtitlan was the Aztec capitol on a mountain lake, hardworking Capricorns have admired Mexico City's crops.

Aquarius: Portland, Oregon

Aquarius is autonomous, innovative, and idealistic. The Willamette River and city parks will inspire this water sign.

Pisces: Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, a city for aesthetes, has ryokan Japanese-style inns, temples, shrines, and parks. It fits sensitive, art-loving Pisces.

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