Toddler's Reaction to Feeding Dogs Is Adorable

Dogs are a toddler's best friend, too! Ask mum and @jadelouise.91. TikTok is obsessed after she caught her daughter feeding the family pets her meal.

The girl's reaction when caught was cuter than the toddler feeding the dogs. Mom recorded the whole thing.



LOL! She's hilarious. She seems to like the dogs, but we're not sure about lunch. Well! "At least the puppies are enjoying this food," @want tobeseemydog said on the video. They'll be grateful, too.

"Mum, you saw NOTHING," joked @downhilldemon50_. "Please move."



Haha! This small girl's reaction appears right, yet she didn't react at all. She's loving bonding with her dogs.

"Hahahahah literally she's so cheeky," her mother said. Indeed! She'll be a great helper at treat time if she loves feeding the dogs. Good luck, Jade!

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