Relationship-responsible zodiac signs

Every connection needs responsibility. Accepting one's feelings and relationship contributions

If both spouses are accountable, one will change their behavior and the other will work on their feelings. Thus, some people are just relationship-responsible.


Cancerians believe responsibility is essential to good partnerships. Since they're nice and caring, they'll help a faltering relationship. 


Leos are responsible. Leos won't disappoint. They voluntarily join a responsible relationship.


Due to their diligence and determination, Capricorns are responsible, realistic, and focused. Relationship accountability is the same for them. 

They'll sacrifice much to repair their relationships. They always admit their mistakes.


Sagittarians are task-oriented. They always do. They motivate themselves by reminding themselves they control their connection. 

The aforementioned zodiacs may be willing to debate detrimental reasons with their spouses to take responsibility for their relationship activities.

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